Friday, August 22, 2014

♥ Review Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain ♥

Hey guys
Today post is a review on new lip products i just try on
Well if you don't know me, i'm a type of girl with so many lip products and i do like to collect them
That's why i always trying new things and see if the products that hype on internet world really do worth it.

So as you guys see the title, i'm gonna reviewing Milani products today
Never heard of Milani ???
Well if you live in Indonesia, you can't find this brand on retail store or department store like other brand for example Maybelline.
Yes i purchase mine straightly from online shop call Pauline Boutique
Every month they always open order for US Brand such as Milani, Elf, Rimmel and etc.
Go check them out xD

Now for the review
I never try any Milani lip products before
I love their infamous Luminoso Blush which is such a gorgeous blush
But for lip products ??
Not even
Sooo, while i keep my hobby watching Youtube i found that this particular products quite famous among youtubers
So i check and order them and now it is time for me to review them for you guys xD

I got two shades from this line
The pink one is call Pink Lemonade while the slightly orange-red is call Mango Tango
Catchy name ? Yes
As you can see on the packaging, it is call a lip lasting and moisturizing gloss stain
Milani described this products (based on the website) as a mash-up of lipstick, gloss and stain.
So basically it combine 3 type of lip products into one clickable pen.
Quite innovative i think.

Inside as you can see, the products have brush applicator which in my opinion is very good
It's easier to use cause you can basically line your lips much more easy
And the good thing about it, since the colors i bought is more on brighter side it makes the application even easy so i literally can't mess it up.
Also, this is a clickable pen.
So to get the products, you must click it until you see the products comes out in the middle then you can use the brush to apply.
One little tip !!
Don't click it too fast or you would end up with lots of products while in real life you basically just need tiny bit of it.
Why ???
Cause it is so pigmented guys
A little goes a long way with this one.

Here the swatch for you

( Pink Lemonade )

( Mango Tango )

Really nice products as you can see
It glides on smooth on the lips, it is moisturizing, and definitely live a stain behind.
Wear time for this is probably around 4-6 hours if you're not eat or drink
But if you do, it still leave stain that last up to 8 hours.
Another thing to put in your consideration is the price.
It is so affordable.
It is about 100k in Indonesia Rupiah which is for me is a bargain considering you just need a little of it for your lips.

Down side ?
Unfortunately it has ><
First, it slightly thicker formula so it feels quite heavy on the lips
Second, about the click kinda thing. If you're not careful, you will end with a lot amount of products in the brush which is for me is such a waste.
Other than that, i have no problem at all.

So that's it for my review
I hope you enjoy this post and again feel free to comment down below if you have anything to ask

♥ Anita ♥


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

♥ 3CE One Color Shadow Review ♥

Hey guys
Today i'm gonna review single shadow i bought in my 3CE Mini Haul
As i mention in my post i bought one shadow from the pink collection
I'm quite hesitant first about getting it because i feel it's quite pricey for just one single shadow but the color of it really make me wanna get it
So long story short, i decided to get it ><

First impression ???
Beautiful packaging !!!
I love something pink so it totally make me wanna get it in the first place
Beside, i really wanna see how good 3CE eyeshadow is since i never try the eyeshadow before.

The color i get is call Bad Romance
Very unique name right? xD
Bad Romance is a shimmery shadow
3CE described it as light pink-ish burgundy color with fine golden pearls
For me what in the website already describe so much about this color
It's very pretty
There's a lot of single color they offer but i prefer this one so much because of the color

(credit : StyleNanda website )

Beautiful right ??
i totally bought out by the picture.
Real product ???
It's right the way i expected like the color show in the picture from the website.
It's very pretty burgundy pink shadow
I think it will be perfect for night look or for cooler weather.
It looks so beautiful for fair skin in my opinion.
The color will make your eyes pop up more and certainly looks amazingly on many people

Here some real swatches for you ♥

Pigmentation is amazing !!!
Very flattering and nice
The shimmer is perfect for me
It's not to shimmery and of course not gonna easily fall out.
It's very blendable too, very smooth and give satin finish
Definitely worth to try
Now i really think 3CE basically make a hell of a products

just tiny bit problem
It's quite pricey for single shadow ><
But well since it gives a very pleasant result i think it's quite worthy
Let me know if you guys probably try another colors cause i'm dying to get another xD

♥ Anita ♥
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

♥ July Favorites ♥

Hello guys
I'm kinda late to post my favorites of July, so sorry ><
I've been too distracted by holiday and somehow kinda lazy to post
Sooooo, today i'm gonna post about my july favorites products that i always do every single new month xD

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

I've been loving to use cream shadow lately, and this shade particularly from maybelline just fit the best
It's very pigmented and just nice to be use as single shadow in the lid
I just put it all over the lid and i simply good to go
How good is that ? xD
The color for me just perfect for everyday use
So if you're kind of girl who too lazy to layer your shadow for everyday look i think this one will come in handy xD.

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

I don't know what happen with me but lately i've been obsessed to put wing liner and this pen do the best for me.
First i'm gonna say it makes making wing liner so much easier.
It's a felt tip liner, that's why
Another reason why i love it because i find it to not easily smudge not like other liner ( i try nyx before and it feels like nightmare !!! ), and it's quite cheap too (much cheaper than Nyx too !!! )
Definitely my most favorite this month.

3CE Blush in Cotton Candy

I've been trying to use blush that more on a budget friendly list lately
and looking into my collection i find this one.
Well it's not kind a cheap but still compare to hourglass i believe this is more on the affordable side.
The color is just like the name, a pinky color which i usually don't tend to go for
But so far, this blush has win me over.
It's definitely can't compare to hourglass but at least it do something to my pale cheek.
Pretty color and nice quality for the price too.
You guys should check it out .

Benefit Cha-Cha Tint and Aritaum Honey Melting Tint in Grapefruit Soda

Lately i've been obsessed not with just wing liner but doing orange lips.
The products i choose to achieve the perfect orange lips for me is the cha-cha tint and aritaum tint in grapefruit soda.
I do think this two works much more perfectly together.
I put cha-cha tint first and it gives little hint of orange, and then intensify it with top it using the aritaum melting tint.
Love this combo for the whole July !!!

False Lashes Container

It's kinda random beauty thing i just bought
I love the design so much and just how helpful this thing to store my false lashes.
I really love to use false lashes lately and this container help me to properly store them so i could use the lashes up to five times.
And it's in pink
How could i ever resist.

So that's all for my July Favorites
I hope you enjoy my post and feel free to ask in the comment section below.

♥ Anita