Sunday, June 29, 2014

♥ Coastal Scents REVEALED 2 Palette ♥

Hi folks
Today i'm back with a post about eyeshadow palette
As you can see in my wishlist panel, i've been eyeing this particular palette quite a while now
A lot of youtubers talk about it and kinda say that this palette is the dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which is very famous and popular
But again, i already have so many eyeshadow palette and i don't want to waste my money on Naked 3 because of the price.
So when i hear about this palette i was kinda excited since i don't want to buy Naked 3 because of the price while this Revealed 2 is the so say "dupe" and in much cheaper price so i decided to get it right away.

I purchase mine from an online shop at instagram for only Rp 300.000
Not as expensive as Naked 3 of course
And the best part this palette come in 20 shades with  pink rose gold theme too.

pretty right? xD

I'm so in love with this palette right now !
The color selection are just my favorite one ( i love pink eyeshadow eventhough they hard to pull off)
Not just contain matte shadows, it also contain some shimmery one which is so pretty and not too shimmery
The best i could say, this palette is just so perfect to create both day and night kinda look
You can start with the top row shadow for day look and smoke it out a little with the colors on the bottom row to create a nice smokey night look.

Here some swatches 
Top Row
   Bottom Row

What i like about this palette
 ♥ Very affordable and come in 20 shades
 ♥ Some of the colors just super pigmented 
 ♥ Sleek design
 ♥ Nice colors selection     
 ♥ Long lasting and easily blended 

What i don't like about this palette
  Some of the colors especially the lighter one just not pigmented enough    

I love this palette so much
I really think this a nice dupe of the Naked 3 palette cause they have similar colors range
And the pigmentation is just very very good compare to its price which is very affordable in my opinion
Eventhough some of the lightest colors (like the white and the light pink) is not pigmented enough
I still consider this a very nice palette
Very recommended !!!!

 ♥ Anita 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Skin Care Routine

Hi guys
I'm back today with a post about my recent skin care routine.
In my last post i mention that my skin had struggle with acne over almost a year
That's why today i'm gonna share with you guys my skin care routine that so far helping me fighting with my acne state.
Are you ready ? :D

First we gonna start with morning skin care routine
As i mention before, i try to make my skin care routine very simple especially in the morning because i don't have enough time to wait for my skin care to absorb before i layer another product.
That's why my morning skin care is so simple compare to my night time skin care routine.

After i wash my face with my facial foam (which is currently Etude House AC Clinic Facial Foam) i start with toner first. My current favorite toner is Etude House Wonder Pore. I really like this toner cause i found that it's not over drying my skin which some of toner might do.
After my toner is quite dry already, i use my Avene Facial Spray.
I really like this facial spray so much cause it helps calm down the redness on my face.
Super recommended even tho it's a little bit pricey but it's definitely worth my money :).
After i can't feel anymore water on my face (after the facial spray) i move on to use my serum which is my SK II whitening spot specialist.
To be honest, i don't quite fond of this serum cause i don't feel it do me any good at all
But because of the price i decided to just use it so i don't waste my money ><.
I wait for about 3 to 5 min and the i use my favorite cream which is Benton Steam Cream.
I really like this cream cause i feel that this cream help me reduce my whitehead which really bothering me so much. A little advice, don't use it too much at a time. you just need a tiny bit amount on your whole face.
This cream is a very strong formulation cream so don't over use it.

Move on to my night skin care routine

Just like the morning routine, after wash my face i start with toner and my facial spray (the same as in the morning routine).
Then i go using my serum which is the famous OST Pure Vitamin C Serum
Super duper in love with this serum (It's my third bottle already !!!)
This serum change my life so much as i would like to say it works better than any other serum i ever use !
At first i use it in my morning skin care routine too but i found that it do me no good so i start using it at night and the magic start to work out.
It helps me reduce my acne scar, it brightens my face and it do help the pimple shrink very quickly.
Super recommended !!!!
After this serum, it is a must to use a moisturizer cause this serum make the skin quite drying.
The moisturizer i use is my Shiseido Pureness Moisturizer.
It's a perfect one for me cause its oil free and so far it done its job nicely.
Some moisturizer tend to feel greasy but this one is just super nice and leave my skin moisturize without the greasiness. Love it 
After that i use my ciracle red spot cream which is a new thing to my routine but so far it gives a nice result on my face.
I really like it cause it help with my redness and another extra point, it helps reduce the appearance of my scar ( You can get the OST Serum and Ciracle Red Spot Cream at Wishtrend)
And the very last thing, i will use my eye cream.
My current eye cream is the Clinique All About Eyes Rich
For me the formulation of this eye cream is too thick (i bought the wrong type ><) thats why i'm only using it at night cause i find that when i try use it both morning and night it tend to make millia on my eyes which is not good at all.
So far for the result, it helps reduce my puffy eyes but i still don't see any extreme result on my dark circle ><

I have something extra for my skin care which is i called " The Pimple Situation"
There are times in a month i get a PMS pimple which is not good at all
I tend to pick them and make a hell of a scar on my face
So this product quite helping me shrink the pimple faster than it normally do.

The SK II Stempower

Some of people might use this for a whole face cream
For me, it do a hell of a job as a spot cream (for my pimple)
Whenever i just had a pimple, i just put this on the spot and it helps the pimple to shrink faster than usual.
A little goes a long way ~

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion and Drying Lotion

Have you ever suffer from very stubborn acne?
I do
But after i find this two perfect combo i barely suffer from it again.
This stuff do a perfect job on cystic acne or even super stubborn one that don't want to shrink at all
 Just dab the buffering lotion first on the spot then set it to dry a little bit
Then you move on to pick the pink lotion on the drying lotion and dab in on your stubborn pimple and just go to sleep.
You'll wake up with reduce size of acne and by the next day it will go away.
Loving this stuff so far ( you can get it at Luxola )

So that's all of my skin care routine.
So far this routine works nicely on me and FYI i have an oily - combination skin so i don't know if it will work out for other people with other condition.
It means that it probably not suitable for all  people 
I just hope you guys can find the skin care that will work for you too
Good Luck

♥ Anita 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

" Nobody's Perfect "

Hi folks
Probably you all wondering what is the theme of this post.
Well i guess this is about time i show you guys other post not related with reviewing product but more on personal side.

With title like this i just wanna share a story about my struggling with acne.
Back in 2013, i just started to know what makeup is and i was very exciting to try all about it.
I used makeup a lot and even train myself at home to put a proper makeup for myself.
There weren't a time that i will not use makeup.
And then the bad thing start to strike
My face is not what i used to remember anymore
A lot of breakout happen and i wasn't that girl who is supposed to be acne free anymore
( i never struggle with acne even in my puberty years, just hormonal acne when pms )
My mom is the one who very shock about it. 
To be honest she is very angry with me and often questioning me what did i do to my face to make it like this.

It was the worst nightmare that ever happen to me.
I cry a lot when i see my face and wondering what is happening to me.
I very panic with the situation, i even go to dermatologist to help me but nothing is working out.
In the end it just worsen everything.
My trip to dermatologist didn't do anything good to me.
I just go for one time and using the medication one time only then i throw it all.
i try to gather myself and think clearly what should i do and there was this time i finally realize what is wrong with me.
This happen because i don't have enough knowledge about makeup and especially in how to clean them properly from my face.
So then i start to change everything.
First thing i found out is, when you struggle with acne do not ever go facial your face !!!
It just make things worst !!!
Then i start changing my lifestyle and my skincare product.

And now, i'm still not the girl with a perfect clean face
But well, now no more breakout happens !!! (but there still some scars from the previous acne)

So the point of this post are actually i wanna share some tips with you guys who probably have the same problem that happening to me too.
So the tips are :

1. Don't think about your problem too much (be positive)

Well the first tip is actually the hardest one.
When i struggle with acne, there were no single time i wouldn't see my face in the mirror and cry about it.
Trust me, it's not gonna change everything just by crying.
That's why you need to give yourself a positive mindset.
What i used to do is, i was telling myself that my face will eventually get better and i need to focus on how i can do that.

2. Find the source of the breakout

This is what you really need to stop the breakout.
In my case, my breakout started cause i don't clean them properly
That's why now i practice the double cleanse method.
I used to just clean my full makeup face just with face wipes but not anymore now.
I'm currently using bioderma for my first step cleansing and the cleanse for the second time with facial foam.
It might be not a very convenient way but trust me your face will thank you later.

3. Change your lifestyle

It's true that your lifestyle could be the main problem when it comes to acne (unless it's hormonal)
Stress, eating lots of fried foods, or dehydration are one of those many possible reason for breaking out.
I used to stressed about my face and it doesn't do me any good at all (that's why i say point 1 is very crucial).
Start by changing small things in your life, like try drinking more water, cut out fried foods and dairy product, eat a lot of veggies and fruits, and start working out (it's good for reduce stress).
It might not give an instant result but it will work :). 
One tip i find really work is try give your face one day free of all makeup.
Let your skin breath ^.^

4. Use proper skincare

Well struggling with acne doesn't mean you don't need to use your skincare anymore.
Acne needs extra care in my opinion.
But keep this in mind, some skincare could be the cause of your breaking out too.
That's why you need to find the proper skincare that works for you but will not causing you to break out.
First, you need to know what type is your skin.
Mine is oily combination, in that case i always try to find skincare that usually non oily base.
Even if you have oily skin doesn't mean you don't have to moisturize.
Moisturize is the key (remember at point 3 where i said the dehydration can cause acne problem too).
Try finding a moisturizer that is water base or oil free.
Another tips is don't layering too much skincare at once, it will clog your pores and start making you breakout.
Give your skincare time to absorb into the skin first and you can start layering them with another.
(like use serum first and wait till it dry then you can put on your moisturizer).
In my opinion, try use minimal skincare when you struggling with acne
Just to make sure too if your skincare workout for you or not :).

And for the last i think you should embrace yourself and always set your mind to be at ease with your condition.
Healing progress is not gonna be instant.
It tooks me 8 months to finally not breaking out again.
You have to be patient about it.
One thing you should remember, no one is perfect.
We all have our own flaw, but it doesn't mean you have to be embarrassed about it.
Just try to stay focus and if you do want to get better then start to change.
Sometimes change could be good :).

♥ Anita

Monday, June 9, 2014

ARITAUM Shine Fix Eyes

Hi folks
Today i'm back with a korean brand product review.
This time it's an eye product that make me glad i bought it.
It's the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes
Funny story, i want to get my hand on the L'oreal Infallible Pressed Shadow but it isn't easy to get it
so when i open TesterKorea website i found this and to see that the texture is quite similar with the L'oreal one, I decided to buy it right at that time.
(In my opinion it is the dupe for the L'oreal Infallible and Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill)

This shadow come in 15 different shades that in my opinion is very beautiful and in the shade that usually suitable for Asian.
Here is some picture and description i get from testerkorea.

Aritaum holiday collection shine fix eyes has Mirror
pearl and it makes shiny and twinkle eyes

It is Water Melting Cream type 

3 Proof formula- Water, sweat, oil proof "

Pretty right? xoxo
I really like all the color range because you don't usually find color like this in USA  makeup brand
I decided to get two color from this brand and my pick goes to shade No.5 " Romantic Floor " and No.6 " Love Disco ".

" shade no 5 on the bottom and no 6 above "

I decided to bought those two color because i really want to have some rose gold and hot pink shadow cause i never have color like it before.

The Swatches : No.6 on the right and No.5 on the left.

( + ) Side :
1. Very creamy and blend nicely
2. Love all the color range (my type of favorite color ^.^)
3. Nice price tag ( retail for 8000 won or equal $9,9)
4. The pigmentation of the color i get is super nice, what you see in the package is what you'll get on your eyelid.
5. The staying power is quite amazing for Korean brand

( - ) Side :
1. Aritaum brand is not easy to get in Indonesia unless you bought it from korean website like testerkorea or ibuybeauty.
2. A little bit too glittery and sometimes i feel like it fall out.

Overall, i should give this ♥ over 
Highly recommend too for you who like something bold for your eyes
( the rose gold color is super beautiful on the lid ><)


Sunday, June 8, 2014

♥ May Favorites MakeUp Stuff ♥

Hi folks
Today i'm gonna post about my favorites makeup stuff for the month of May
I may be a little too late to post this now but again i think i should show you guys some of my favorites that i rediscover from my makeup stash 

Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder in shade 30 Naturel

My most favorite compact powder of all !!! i just rediscover it again and fall in love all over again with this powder. It gives a nice natural finish to my face and i kinda feel it blurred the pores and make my face look smooth whenever i used it. Love it so much this month 

Benefit Rockateur Blush

A beautiful rose gold blush that just perfect for everyday use. It super nice and settle very good on the face and what i like the most, it gives just a little bit of shimmer to make your cheek looks glowy. I bought it last year on October and i just realize that i didn't give it a lot of love back then but now it's totally my first go to when i want to have a little flush on my cheek.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in shade Romantic

Whenever i want a little nice red stain on my lips, i will go get this balm. It super nice !!!
Not only it gives a nice tint to the lips but it also very moisturizing on the lips.
Too bad it not stay for quite long, but among all my lipstick collection i tend to grab this a lot this month.

Etude House Look at My Eyes Cafe Minnie Edition in shade PK005

I don't wear too much shadow on daily basis, i tend to pick up something neutral just to neutralize my lid color and make my makeup all settle nice. So whenever i just need to give a little color to my eyelid, i grab this single shadow a lot ! It gives a nice pink kinda brownish color to my lid and just make everything looks super nice. I love this shade so much and the formulation of this shadow is so nice (and the price are not gonna hurt your pocket at all). Just perfect for every day looks !!!

3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Shaper in shade Grey Brown

I never got out of my house without doing my eyebrow, my brow just the worst !!! They're really my flaw when it comes to my face, that's why i'm an addict to find a great brow product. I feel the 3ce brow shaper not the best of all brow product in the world but it's quite nice for just using everyday. I love the color in fact cause it matches my brow color perfectly. (if you have any good brow product recommendation please let me know)

Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara

This mascara make me just wanna use it everyday !!! Seriously ! It's waterproof, give a nice volume to the lashes and it's lengthening too !!! the downside is tend to clump a little bit but i don't mind that. It just the best mascara i ever got.

That's it for my May Favorites product
I just hope you guys enjoy my post and i promise i will try to post a lot of things in this blog from now :)

♥ Anita