Sunday, July 27, 2014

3CE Lipstick x PINK in Chu-Chu and Scandal

Hello guys
As promise in my previous post about my mini 3CE haul, today i will be review the beautiful lipstick from 3CE that i bought.

First let's take a minute to adore the packaging which is a PINK packaging

The packaging is the most reason i wanna buy this lipstick
For the color, well it's actually the original colors they had before (nothing new) but they just repackage it into pink to fit the 3CE PINK theme.

As i mention before, i bought two colors that i've been wanting for such a long time.
First, it's a kinda hot pink color call CHU-CHU
3CE described it as unique and flashy neon pink color
I just adore the ad where Park Sora wear it and just completely sold out at that moment
It's a very bright pink that i really think gonna suit my skin tone well

So pretty right ? xD

The fact that i was totally love how this lipstick show in picture makes me crazy
It's a bright lipstick that i can't wear on daily basis
But if you sheer it out or do gradient lips with it, it will make your lip looking beautiful and fresh

Pretty color, very pigmented, glides on smooth and very comfortable to wear
I just love this one so much that i even include it as one of my favorite all time pink lipstick
It just so pigmented, what you see on the tube is all you get on your lips
And the fact that how this lipstick shows in the ad feel the same as on my lips make me obsessed !!!
Definitely worth to try !!!!

Next i have SCANDAL
For the record, SCANDAL formulation is quiet different with CHU-CHU
Chu-Chu has a very moisturizing formulation while Scandal goes towards matte finish
But i love this one too
I think 3CE really done well on their lip products especially on how the colors will show on lips
Again what you see on the tube is what you definitely get
High pigmentation !!!!
3CE define SCANDAL as a fluorescents bright red with matte finish

Another very pretty color 

This is how it shows on my lip

Very beautiful bright red that compliments who wears it.
I really like how the color shows on my lips
It makes my teeth look whiter too
But i feel a little uncomfortable with the formulation
Since it supposed to be matte finish, it's quite uncomfortable to wear on the lips
It's not as moisturizing as Chu-Chu and definetely will not wearable if you have chap lips
So a little tips, wear lip balm first before you use it and make sure you scrub your lips before to prevent the lipstick to settle in to the dry lips.

What i love :

♥ Beautiful packaging 
♥ True to color, very pigmented formulation 
♥ for CHU-CHU, the formulation is moisturizing and feel nice to wear 
♥ Little bit glossy finish (Chu-Chu)
♥ Creamy and glides on smooth on the lips 

What i don't like :

- For Scandal , its uncomfortable to wear and easily settle to dry lips -

So far i'm lovin this lipstick despite the cons of it 
So if you wanna try, you can buy it directly from Style Nanda website or from TesterKorea

I hope you find my review to be helpful
And i'll see you next time on other review

♥ Anita 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pink Lipstick ♥ My all time favorites xD

Hi guys
Today i wanna post a new kind of things i never post about.
I recently go through my makeup stash and i kinda find out i have quite lots pink lipstick
But you probably know the deal, eventhough i have a lot i always have the most favorite kind of pink lipstick i tend to use a lot too
So i finally narrow it to 4 lipstick 

1. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in No.6 Pink in Devotion

My all time favorite !!!
This pink lipstick suits me the best
Not only because of the color, the pigmentation itself it's absolutely stunning
What i love the most it is very moisturizing lipstick
I always feel comfortable using this one
I even recommend it to my sister and she loves it too
Definitely the lipstick i will repurchase all over again, should said that this is my MLBB (my lips but better) xD,

2. Chanel Rouge Allure in No.4 Imagination

This is my impulse buy lipstick xD
I fall in love immediately, and decided to buy it ASAP
love the color, it's a blue tone kind of pink so it's kinda make my teeth whiter
What i love from this one is the packaging and the staying power
The sleek and elegant packaging totally sold me out and the staying power is amazing, but it's not as comfortable as the YSL one cause the formulation is suppose to be matte finish
But so far i'm loving this so much.

3. 3CE Lipstick in Chu - Chu

I just bought this one but i'm totally in love with this color so much
The color is just so beautiful
It's a hot pink color but definitely wearable
Love the color so much

4. Tom Ford Lipstick in Pink Dusk

The most expensive lipstick i ever bought by myself
I was kinda skeptical about it since the price just in my opinion Over Price !
No kidding
I love buying me some makeup but spending $45 on lipstick ?
I should think more then twice
But in the end, i ended up buy it
Why ?
First, i'm a packaging kinda girls. I love how elegant the packaging of this lipstick
Second, the review on the internet is beyond spectacular. Many people say this lipstick is just worth the money.
Third, it is worth the money !!!!
This lipstick is the most smooth lipstick i ever own
It glides on smooth and nice on the lips, it stay put and the pigmentation is freaking amazing
I never regret buying it cause i wear this a lot.
Love it 

I know the products i mention are high end one
Next time i will do more on the affordable one
Just stay tune xD

♥ Anita 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

3CE x Pink Mini Haul

Hello folks
Today i wanna post a little mini haul that just happen
It's another 3CE products ^.^
For me, 3CE always be the most attractive korean products to me
They always come with a nice concept that attract people to try its products

Back two moths ago (if i'm not wrong) they released product with pink packaging which is super attractive to me since i love pink so much
and makeup products in pink? Hell yeah i wanna get all of it
But again because of the price i just try to minimize the damage by only getting products i really wanna get for a long time ago.

I decided to buy the pink edition mini square hand mirror cause i never had any hand mirror in pink.
Then i purchase two of their lipstick which is the old color lipstick but they re-package it into pink packaging which is why i bought it in the first place xD
Then the last thing i bought is a single shadow cause i love 3CE shadow so much.

For the lipstick i decided to get the colors i've been wanting for so long ago
It's Chu-chu (hot pink one) and Scandal (the reddy orange color)
Every time i see this colors i always like it but back then i don't too attract cause of the black packaging which is not interesting for me
But because the repackage it into pink i finally decided to get this two i love so bad !!!

For the single shadow i decided to get a nice pink shadow
i got the shade Bad Romance which is very pretty rosy pink with hint of shimmer in it
( swatches will be in the review, soon !)

Sooo that's it for my mini 3CE haul
I don't buy a lot since it's quite expensive and i still has a lot of other wishlist i really wanna get.
Hope you guys enjoy this post

♥ Anita 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

♥ June Favorites ♥

Hey guys
I'm back again with another favorites post
I really feel june past really quick this time and now it's already july
How fast time really gone by ><

So before i chatty much more, let's just jump to my favorites for June

I just purchased this cleansing oil in the mid of June
I've been trying to find a makeup cleanser that works better like Bioderma since i can't purchase Bioderma in my hometown (which is a shame since i love Bioderma so much ><)
So i went to Body Shop and found this
I see this before in Amelia Liana Blog and she kinda raved about this so i wanna try it.
At first i was kinda afraid because i have oily skin and this cleanser is basically oil base
But turns out it doing pretty nice on me
It doesn't leave a greasy feeling after using it and most important thing of all, it doesn't break me out 
( i try etude house cleansing oil while back and it break me out a lot)
I really enjoy using this cleansing oil a lot now so i think it is a must to insert it as my june favorite xD

In the last may favorite post, i was on search for a nice and waterproof + smudgeproof brow product
And i finally found one !
It's the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade !!!
I freakin love this stuff
It's waterproof and smudgeproof as i want it to be, great product.
The downside? yes it has a downside
It's kinda hard to use if you're not quite familiar with it
You need to be extra careful cause it is so pigmented and if you put too much your brow will look so damn terrible.
A little trick i found work for me the best is to outlining my brow first with the tiniest amount of it in some brow brush
Then i use brow brush to blend it and kinda soften the line i use for outline it xD

Another revlon product for lip favorite this month
I'm in love with the formulation of this lipstick
It's moisturizing, glide on smoothly on the lips and the color is just perfect for everyday
Totally love this one so much 

God knows how much i love this blush
Ever since i got it, i wear it practically non stop !!!
The color and the result on the cheeks is absolutely gorgeous
Hear lots of compliment to whenever i wear it
Totally a worth buying blush

It's the nicest under eye concealer i ever found
It glides on smoothly, it blends beautifully and it doesn't creasing on me
The best thing of all, it conceal my dark under eye circles perfectly.
Overly in love with this stuff
Too bad that Maybelline Indonesia doesn't produce this one yet since it's kinda expensive if you wanna buy it from online shop >.<

I really like this stuff so much
It's the nicest concealer i ever found at Indonesia store ever !!!
It conceal and cover the pimple nicely
Eventhough it only has one shade, it matches me very good
At first i thought it's a little bit to dark for me but turns out i was wrong
It's easy to blend, cover nicely and cheap
The best thing i ever found !!! 

So that's it for my June favorites
Hope you enjoy my post

♥ Anita