Saturday, September 27, 2014

Simple Eye Makeup and Coral Lip Tutorial

Hey my fellow readers
As promise in my haul post, today i'm gonna show you guys how i do my makeup using this YSL Lipstick i just got.
Love this lipstick so much since it's remind me the look of Cheon Song Yi
But i'm not gonna recreate Cheon Song Yi look
Honestly, i'm not good to recreate people looks
So today i'm just gonna show you how i do it base on what i think best for myself.
Soooo this is the look i create.
Just simple eye makeup to balance the bold coral-ly lipstick
I really like the way this lipstick show on my lips so much ^.^
The products i use to achieve this look are 
Foundation : Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in shade B10
Eye : Urban Decay Naked Pallete using only shade Naked and Buck
3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in Zorro
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate
Cheek : Clinique Cheek Pop in shade 03 Berry Pop
Lip : YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade 52 Rosy Coral
So for the tutorial i'm just gonna show you guys only the picture how i do the eye look since i think that is the part that need a little bit more than just an explanation.
First of course i start with applying my foundation using a beauty blender.
In the look i don't use concelear since i using two layer of this foundation to make it has more coverage.
Then, into the eyes
 I start with applying Naked (a light brown color) all over the lid, then i take Buck (a medium brown color) using a blending brush, brush Buck into the crease to make it more define.
Then i'm taking my eyeliner and only tightline my eyes.
Tightlining will help make your lashes appear more full and just give a nice settle eyeline without looking too much.

Next gonna curl those lashes and apply a generous amount of mascara xD.
Now for the brow
I'm using my trusty Anastasia dipbrow pomade that really good for humid weather.
Trust me, this brow pomade will not budge whatsoever !
Start with lining the bottom line of your brow first to make it really define
Then using the spooley, brush it upward to make it more natural and look like your own brow hair.
Brush over until you feel like it become more natural looking.
Next line the upper line of your brow with what left on your brush then brush over again so the line will not appear unnatural.
After that you can get your natural looking crisp brow xD
( This is the method i find the best to make my brow looks more natural ).
And last step just put your blush on the apple of your cheek and slap on the lipstick on your lips
That's it !!!
Quiet simple and quick makeup
Hope you enjoy my first tutorial
If it's hard to understand feel free to ask me ^.^
♥ Anita ♥

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

REVIEW : Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Hey guys
Today post is another lip products review and it is from a brand call Bourjois
Well Bourjois is a france brand who is a sister company to Chanel Cosmetics
I hear a lot of Bourjois products from UK Blogger and Youtubers such as Viviannadoesmakeup and Amelia Liana.
And this particular lip product really caught my attention when they mention it in their video.
So about two months ago i put it as one of my wishlist products and finally i could get my hand on it.
For the packaging, it's just a simple tube packaging with colors base on the colors inside.
Very simple but quite elegant, it has dove applicator which is very common for liquid type lip products.
Consistency of the product itself it's not quite liquidy, more like cream which in my opinion is one of the reason the colors is so opaque.
Another thing that make me very interesting with this product is the finishes.
It's claim to be a matte finish lippies
Bourjois released 6 (six) colors for this line
I decided to got only two which is the red one no.3 Hot Pepper and the bright pink one no.5 Ole Flamingo
First impression ?
Well like i said before, it is very very pigmented.
The color is just super opaque and very creamy which make this product easily glide into the lips.
It is a matte finish but as you put it into the lips, slightly it will turn to be a little powdery.
As for how comfortable it is on the lips, well no doubt it is very lightweight on the lips which make people who wear it will feel more comfortable eventhough the color is super intense.
I really like the applicator too, it is a very good dove applicator.
One thing that i notice too while waring it, this products not easily budge and gonna last hours.
Even after drinking or eating, i found it still leaving stain in the lips.
For the minus
Well i have one problem with it
It smells like plastic !!!
not the packaging, but the actual lipstick is smells very plastic-y
I really hate it that way
I just hope when they reformulated this products they will do something about the smells cause it's kinda annoying ><.
But other than that, i have no problem with how this lippies perform.
Now i know why it's highly rave in UK xD.
( Hot Pepper )
( Ole Flamingo )
You can get Bourjois product on Department Store
I got mine from Metro for Rp 178.000 per piece
It's quite pricey but i like how it shows on my lips and how great the pigmentation is
I will definitely give this a 5 if only they do something about the smells but for now it still 4 stars only >.<
Hope you enjoy my post and see ya later.
♥ Anita ♥

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August HAUL !!!!

Today post is about a haul that i just done for the entire August
I quiet manage to get a lot products that i've been wanting for such a long time last month
I've been craving for some of them since i kinda collect them and i just love the products itself
Hihihi xD
Quiet a lot right ? xD
Some new skincare products and of course some new makeup to try
First of them all is the eyeshadow
I finally can get my hand into this MAKEUPGEEK Shadows !!!
Been wanting them all so much since i love to watch Marlena youtube channel.
I got 8 pans which is i know quiet a lot for me
But i can't help it ><
They're retail for $5,99 each pan and have a same quality or even better than Mac shadow and a lot cheaper too
It shipped right away from USA with very affordable shipping price
I only pay $6 for shipping right from USA to Indonesia
How cool is that !!!
Around Indonesia shipping usually cost me much more than this.
So glad i decided to get it right from the website than some online shop (overprice selling as always).
Feel free to check them out at
Next i got some affordable side makeup
I got three Maybelline 24 Color Tattoo since i love Bad to the Bronze so much i decided to get another colors that quite bold which is unlike me.
I get Too Cool which is a white silvery shade, than Tenacious Teal which is a beautiful teal color and last is Edgy Emerald which is slightly mint green with shimmery finish.
Next i got Tony Moly backstage eyeliner in Black that i want to try for such a long time ago but keep forgetting to buy it ><
And lastly is two new nail polish from Etude House Play Nails Collection :)
Last for makeup is LIPSTICK
This the part i most excited for xD
First, finally i could get my hand on the very infamous Cheon Song Yi Lipstick which is YSL Rouge Pur Couture No. 52 Rosy Coral !!!!!
Arghhhhhh !!!!!
Finally !!!!
I've been searching for this one for some time now but the overprice make me hesitate to buy it
But my wait is finally over, i found an online shop at instagram call BeautyPartner who sell this lipstick on very most reasonable price.
Lucky Me !!!
The color is just very pretty on my skin and quite flattering too
My sister even ask me to share it with her since it basically look good on everybody.
Definitely gonna make tutorial with it xD
Next i got me two new TOM FORD Lipstick
I know you guys probably think i splurge a lot
Well i do splurge a lot but i really love Tom Ford Lipstick that much that i decided to start collecting them.
Beside the reason i bought two is cause there's discount back in May which is the Neiman Marcus Annual Sale that make me decided to get more since it save me around 5 dollars each.
So quite a bargain xD.
Last for this haul post is new skincare products
First i got new moisturizer since my shiseido will run out soon i decided to have backup
But this time i wanna try new moisturizer and that is the Philosophy Oil Free Gel Moisturizer
I heard a lot of youtubers talk about this moisturizer and that's why i wanna give it a shot.
Beside, Philosophy now make it to Luxola and that means i could easily purchase them
And the best other part is that Luxola always come with discount codes that make the product is much cheaper that anywhere you could find.
About the beauty blender, it's one of free gift i receive from Luxola
There was this day when you purchase over Rp350.000 at Luxola you will get this beauty blender for free which in my opinion it's already paid for the entire purchase !!!
Great offer right
And last products is my oldie trusty Mario Badescu
I got this on a new kit they present which help me save some money more.
A total bargain
That's why i love shopping at Luxola
Be sure to check them out
They have all the nicest brand with high quality and of course great price and special offers and gift too xD
So that's all for my August Haul
Pretty sure i will have no more haul post in two three months ahead since it's quite a lot money i spend here >.<
Hope you like my post and stay tune cause i will definitely review some of them for you guys.

Monday, September 8, 2014

REVIEW : Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation

Hey guys
Have you read my last post about my august favorites?
Well as promise there, i have a new foundation that i love as equal as my other ones
It is the newest Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet.
Well i'm not the type who use foundation on daily basis
For everyday i only use sunblock and loose powder since i'm pretty concern about my skin
But well there is times when i love to looking good and proper i think
Sooo usually on weekend i tend to use makeup a lot and from the start i use makeup i only found two base makeup that works the best for me and the most important that the base makeup will not break me up.
So far i only love the MUFE HD Foundation and IOPE XP Cushion
But back then i was intrigued to try this new foundation Chanel just release.
If you know me, i'm a big fans of Chanel makeup
I really like their design and packaging, and some of the product have the best quality that i couldn't find in any other products.
So when they finally release this foundation, i really want to try it so much
It is actually a sister to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation that basically everybody rave about.
But i don't want to try the Vitalumiere Aqua since i think it will not suite me cause that foundation is really suitable more on dry to normal skin.
I actually glad Chanel finally come out with new formulation that more suitable for oily to combination skin.
That's why i wanna give this a try xD.
First look at those packaging
I really really love it.
It sleeks and very compact that make it easier to travel with.
Just make me glad i wait for it since i really this packaging more than the vitalumiere aqua
For the performance ???
Well for people who need a high coverage foundation, fair warning this one is not for you
This foundation more on the light to medium coverage
But i still love it since this foundation glides on smooth on my skin and honestly it feels just like my own skin.
It doesn't have those heavy feeling some higher coverage foundation have
The texture is very runny like water but when you put and blend it on your face it turns to more powdery finish which i like.
So for oily skin girl, this foundie will not make you look like shiny ball.
It last long about 8 hours and it's not oxidize quite much
One bad thing about it, it's a pricey foundation (around $45) ><.
Overall i really like this foundation so much
For more day basis i turns to this more now than my IOPE Cushion.
(How it looks on my face)
So that's it for my newest love
I really like it so far and has no problem with it whatsoever.
For reference, if you still hesitate to buy it just try the sample size first cause this foundation is quite pricey to not be use.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)
♥ Anita ♥

Sunday, September 7, 2014

♥ August Favorites ♥ 

Hey guys
Today is another day to post my monthly favorites
Yeayyyyyy !!!
So sorry if it/s kinda late, but better late than never right ? xD
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
I'm totally in love with this new scrub i'd just found out
It's amazing
If you heard review about it before, trust me it's the truth
It exfoliate the skin gently and just in the right way
The scrub is not too harsh on the skin either unlike many scrub products you could find in the market.
I totally in love with it because it's good, it's affordable and just works briliantly.
You can find it at your local guardian since St. Ives finally made it to Indonesia xD
Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
I already have this particular mascara for months now but i'm drown more to my tarte mascara
But since my tarte mascara already run out, i try this
I like this one too.
The effect it gives might slightly not like the tarte one but so far so good
It's waterproof and it holds the curl longer too. The fact that it is waterproof not make it any harder to remove too.
So far so good. Plus it's cheap xD.
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation
Honestly, if you can see my makeup stash, so far i only use two base makeup for my face which is either Make Up Forever HD Foundation (My HG Foundation so far) and IOPE XP Cushion.
But this one, it totally make me fall in love right at the first time i use it.
It glides on the face smoothly and once it set it feels just like your own skin
Really really nice !!!
I've been using this for the whole August now and i don't find anything wrong yet (it's not break me out which is good).
Will do review on it soon too so just stay tune xD.
SLEEK Face Contour Kit in Shade Light
I'm not the type who contour very much, but this product really come in handy when you want to contour.
First, the color i think is perfect for my skin tone since it's not too orange or too red base
Second, it comes with highlighter so it's perfect for travel
And the last thing is it's cheap but do work super nicely
So if you into contour wagon, probably you should give this one a try xD.
3CE Highlighter in Shade Beige
Well i know you probably wondering why i put another highlighter in my monthly favorites.
Well i really like this one too.
If i'm not in the mood to contour, i reach for this one the most.
I think the color is just nice and i really like how it highlight my cheek bones too
So insert this one is a must i think :D
NYX Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler
Well i never love lip glosses before but this product just change my mind about it.
It is one of the best lipgloss i ever try so far
It's so pigmented, like what you see in the packaging is the color that gonna show up on your lips
It's very cheap too and not leaving any sticky feeling that i don't like from a lipgloss.
Last thing you will love from it is the smell
It smells like vanilla cupcake !!!
Just perfect right ???
If you wanna try to use lipgloss you really need to consider try this one xD.
So that's guy for my August Favorites.
I don't have much favorites this month but i hope you could enjoy my post
Again, feel free to comment if you have anything you wanna ask
See ya
 ♥ Anita ♥