Friday, August 30, 2013

❤ 3 Concept Eyes Haul and some of my August Haul ❤

Hi guys,
Today i'm back with some of my 3 concept eyes haul and recently product that i buy.

Lately i've been in love with this brand from south korea that quiet famous around korea, 3 concept eyes. It's the cosmetic line of STYLENANDA brand.

I really adore this brand so much since i like the model, which is Park So Ra. Other than that i really think this cosmetic has their own concept and style that make them different from any other brand you can find in Korea. But to be honest, this brand is quiet hard to find in Indonesia and a little bit pricey too but i think it's worth the price at all. I myself have to order this product directly online form the website to get this cosmetic. They have a special program when you order above $100 you only pay about $10 dollar for you shipping fee but this program doesn't include Indonesia region (now i understand why the price is expensive in Indonesia). >.<
What i buy from STYLENANDA  :
  • 3 CONCEPT EYES POWDERY LIP & CHEEK IN #LINGGO HOHO (their newest product ^.^)

Well enough with the 3 Concept Eyes Haul, this month i bought several makeup things that i need and the one i really die to try on.

❥  Etude House Mini Brow Class
❥ Etude House Dear Darling Tint
❥ Etude House Rolling Puff 
( Etude House product is from
❥ NYX Eyeshadow Base in #2 glitter
❥ NYX Stuck On You Eyelashes Glue #JetBlack

Skin Care Time ❤❤❤❤❤
Laneige Waterfull Kit Pack that contain :
❥ Power Essential Skin Refiner 50 ml
❥ Balancing Emulsion 50 ml
❥ Water Bank Essence 10 ml
❥ Water Sleeping Pack Ex 20 ml (my favorite one, will think about purchasing the big bottle)

ARITAUM Wannabe Longwear Eyeshadow in Joy, Judy and Daisy
I've been waiting for this one too since i heard so many good review about it and really wanna try it along ^.^
If you wanna see the review about this eyeshadow just tell me and i will review about it soon 

Okay, that's all from my recently Haul
I kind wait to review them all for you ^.^ and to wear them along too since a lot of them really have such a pretty packaging *lol*


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review : Etude House CC Cream in shade #02 glow

Just like my promise in my previous post, i'm gonna review about my daily cc cream which i use for most my daily makeup routine.

Etude House launch its first cc cream product early this year but i just got it recently. The CC of etude house itself stand for Correct & Care, different from any other cc cream i know (the most popular one is Chanel CC(Complete Correction) Cream). What is CC Cream actually ? What kind of benefit it has?

Well according to Etude House, their cc cream has 8 benefits :
UV Protection
Wrinkle care
Makeup base

Quiet a lot for just using one product right.

Etude House CC Cream come in two shade, #1 silky and #2 glow
The #1 silky one is to create a silky and fluffy skin texture (good for oily skin) while the #2 glow one is to create kind of silky and moist makeup with glow effect (good for dry to normal skin).

I myself choose the #2 glow one cause i have a dry skin and i want to make my makeup looks dewy but has a natural finish.


The swatch i make in my hands
The CC Cream has a white colour (too white actually) with a tiny blue spot in it.
The scent is very nice actually, floral kind of smell (super like the scent of this product).
It's not feel heavy on the face too.

it's a little hard to blend (maybe cause i'm putting it too much) but the cc cream will match your skin tone so don't be worry that it will whiten your face too much as long as you not put too much on your face.
 The result after i blend it

As you can see in the picture above, the cc cream gives a little bit glow on your skin so that your skin will look dewy. However it's not give full coverage to your skin (see the black line, the cc cream not covering all of it) so when you want a natural dewy makeup maybe you just use this cc cream alone but if you want a fully coverage makeup you can combine the cc cream with bb cream to give a medium-full coverage. (Some people i know use the cc cream just as primer or base makeup)

I personally use the cc cream first and then put some loose powder on top of it to give a little coverage to my face ^^.

What i love about this product :
  • I love the packaging of this product, it's in pink and very cute i think 
  • The price is not too expensive (very affordable).
  • Give a nice dewy finish to the face
  • Light weight
  • Have a nice floral scent
  • Match your skin tone well 
What i don't like about this product :
  • Doesn't give the coverage you seek like what you expect on bb cream
 Overall, i like this product to use in my daily need since i don't like heavy makeup to use everyday and i like the dewy finish it gives (makes my skin looks healthier and fair).
Or when you in a time that need those medium coverage makeup, you can use this cc cream as a base for you makeup ^^.

Thanks for visiting and reading,
see in my next post folks ^.^

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My everyday make up need

Well like i said in my previous post that i really into beauty stuff lately so in this post i will post my everyday makeup stuff that i always use basically EVERYDAY !
As you can see in the picture, that's all the thing i need for my everyday makeup. Really simple right?
Well for me, it's already enough for everyday makeup since i don't like to wear something heavy for work and i just really like to keep my makeup as simple as possible.
All products i used are really easy to find in Indonesia and i think all of this products really have a good quality.

First step for gaining my everyday makeup is i never skip using sun screen ! Like never ! cause i think it's the most important thing of all. Do you know how badly UV can damage ur skin?
Especially now that our earth ozone is getting more thin than before.
So never skip sun screen folks ! It's a very basic need to maintain your skin beauty and youthful.
The sun screen i used everyday is Biore UV Aqua Rich with SPF 50 / PA +++.
I really like this sun screen personally cause it's water base and really blend well with your skin.
For the price, it's a little bit pricey (around 100k rupiah) but i think this product really worth its price since it has such good quality too.

After using sunscreen, i let my skin breath for a while then i top my sunscreen with my cc cream from Etude House. Etude House CC Cream that i used is in no #2 Glow that make ur skin glowy and coverage ur skin poorness at the same time. Well i personally really like this product cause it has a lot of advantages in just one product. I will review about Etude House CC Cream for sure in my next post.
After CC Cream i'm moving to use some loose powder. For my everyday look i like to used loose powder better than using compact powder. The loose powder i'm using is The Body Shop Loose Face Powder in shade #01. I really like this powder cause it's easy to blend with our skin and it gives such a nice coverage at the same time and the best of all it kinds of translucent when you use it so it makes your make up appear more natural.
Next thing i use is my Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain. The reason why i love this product is cause its multifunctional. Why? Cause you can use it as blush and as lip stain ! For my everyday look i usually tapping a little of it onto my cheeks to give natural  flushing cheek and give it a little to my lips so my lip color would appear naturally red. Super duper amaze with this product cause it's not too pricey and it works perfectly !

And last thing i do for gain my everyday makeup looks is to draw my brow ! Right now i never go out without drawing my brow. The product i love to use to draw my brow is Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Crayon in shade #grey brown. Really love the result cause it will make my eyebrow color appear more natural as if i never draw it. Next time i will surely give you some picture about the result of this eye brow crayon appear on my brow. ^^

So that's all things i need to gain my make up look. I will surely give you some image about my everyday makeup on my next post. LOL.

See you next time folks.

Me ^^

Hello blogger !

Hi !
It's my first post in this blog
You probably wonder why i name my blog with wonder licious
Well the reason is because in this blog i will post lots of things about what happen in my life that make me wonder and i just hope that things that i wonder could feel nice and in my terms "delicious".
That is why i like to call it "wonderlicious"

Well i really have no idea what i want to post right now so i just skip it that way lol.
Anyway i really just wanna say hello to people who might read my blog and i just wish that you will enjoy my blog :). 

How about some introduction ? 
In a while i want to stay anonymous, so i just gonna mention few things about me.
Well obviously i'm female in her 20th and still going, really adore beauty stuff like cosmetic and skin care right now and in her way to become more mature and wise (hopefully).
To be honest i'm starting this blog just to make myself have something to do at the moment, not that i'm not busy at all. I have work but there are times when my work not consume too much time so i just think why not spend it on blogging. Beside it will help me with my English and i think it will help me gain some friends and hopefully i will.

So i just hope that my blog could actually gain its purpose and maybe some of my post about my hobby could help people around since i'm pretty sure i will blog a lot about stuff that i own and will review it in here. Hehehe.

See you around folks ^^

Me ^.^