Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello blogger !

Hi !
It's my first post in this blog
You probably wonder why i name my blog with wonder licious
Well the reason is because in this blog i will post lots of things about what happen in my life that make me wonder and i just hope that things that i wonder could feel nice and in my terms "delicious".
That is why i like to call it "wonderlicious"

Well i really have no idea what i want to post right now so i just skip it that way lol.
Anyway i really just wanna say hello to people who might read my blog and i just wish that you will enjoy my blog :). 

How about some introduction ? 
In a while i want to stay anonymous, so i just gonna mention few things about me.
Well obviously i'm female in her 20th and still going, really adore beauty stuff like cosmetic and skin care right now and in her way to become more mature and wise (hopefully).
To be honest i'm starting this blog just to make myself have something to do at the moment, not that i'm not busy at all. I have work but there are times when my work not consume too much time so i just think why not spend it on blogging. Beside it will help me with my English and i think it will help me gain some friends and hopefully i will.

So i just hope that my blog could actually gain its purpose and maybe some of my post about my hobby could help people around since i'm pretty sure i will blog a lot about stuff that i own and will review it in here. Hehehe.

See you around folks ^^

Me ^.^

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