Thursday, August 15, 2013

My everyday make up need

Well like i said in my previous post that i really into beauty stuff lately so in this post i will post my everyday makeup stuff that i always use basically EVERYDAY !
As you can see in the picture, that's all the thing i need for my everyday makeup. Really simple right?
Well for me, it's already enough for everyday makeup since i don't like to wear something heavy for work and i just really like to keep my makeup as simple as possible.
All products i used are really easy to find in Indonesia and i think all of this products really have a good quality.

First step for gaining my everyday makeup is i never skip using sun screen ! Like never ! cause i think it's the most important thing of all. Do you know how badly UV can damage ur skin?
Especially now that our earth ozone is getting more thin than before.
So never skip sun screen folks ! It's a very basic need to maintain your skin beauty and youthful.
The sun screen i used everyday is Biore UV Aqua Rich with SPF 50 / PA +++.
I really like this sun screen personally cause it's water base and really blend well with your skin.
For the price, it's a little bit pricey (around 100k rupiah) but i think this product really worth its price since it has such good quality too.

After using sunscreen, i let my skin breath for a while then i top my sunscreen with my cc cream from Etude House. Etude House CC Cream that i used is in no #2 Glow that make ur skin glowy and coverage ur skin poorness at the same time. Well i personally really like this product cause it has a lot of advantages in just one product. I will review about Etude House CC Cream for sure in my next post.
After CC Cream i'm moving to use some loose powder. For my everyday look i like to used loose powder better than using compact powder. The loose powder i'm using is The Body Shop Loose Face Powder in shade #01. I really like this powder cause it's easy to blend with our skin and it gives such a nice coverage at the same time and the best of all it kinds of translucent when you use it so it makes your make up appear more natural.
Next thing i use is my Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain. The reason why i love this product is cause its multifunctional. Why? Cause you can use it as blush and as lip stain ! For my everyday look i usually tapping a little of it onto my cheeks to give natural  flushing cheek and give it a little to my lips so my lip color would appear naturally red. Super duper amaze with this product cause it's not too pricey and it works perfectly !

And last thing i do for gain my everyday makeup looks is to draw my brow ! Right now i never go out without drawing my brow. The product i love to use to draw my brow is Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Crayon in shade #grey brown. Really love the result cause it will make my eyebrow color appear more natural as if i never draw it. Next time i will surely give you some picture about the result of this eye brow crayon appear on my brow. ^^

So that's all things i need to gain my make up look. I will surely give you some image about my everyday makeup on my next post. LOL.

See you next time folks.

Me ^^

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