Tuesday, September 16, 2014

REVIEW : Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Hey guys
Today post is another lip products review and it is from a brand call Bourjois
Well Bourjois is a france brand who is a sister company to Chanel Cosmetics
I hear a lot of Bourjois products from UK Blogger and Youtubers such as Viviannadoesmakeup and Amelia Liana.
And this particular lip product really caught my attention when they mention it in their video.
So about two months ago i put it as one of my wishlist products and finally i could get my hand on it.
For the packaging, it's just a simple tube packaging with colors base on the colors inside.
Very simple but quite elegant, it has dove applicator which is very common for liquid type lip products.
Consistency of the product itself it's not quite liquidy, more like cream which in my opinion is one of the reason the colors is so opaque.
Another thing that make me very interesting with this product is the finishes.
It's claim to be a matte finish lippies
Bourjois released 6 (six) colors for this line
I decided to got only two which is the red one no.3 Hot Pepper and the bright pink one no.5 Ole Flamingo
First impression ?
Well like i said before, it is very very pigmented.
The color is just super opaque and very creamy which make this product easily glide into the lips.
It is a matte finish but as you put it into the lips, slightly it will turn to be a little powdery.
As for how comfortable it is on the lips, well no doubt it is very lightweight on the lips which make people who wear it will feel more comfortable eventhough the color is super intense.
I really like the applicator too, it is a very good dove applicator.
One thing that i notice too while waring it, this products not easily budge and gonna last hours.
Even after drinking or eating, i found it still leaving stain in the lips.
For the minus
Well i have one problem with it
It smells like plastic !!!
not the packaging, but the actual lipstick is smells very plastic-y
I really hate it that way
I just hope when they reformulated this products they will do something about the smells cause it's kinda annoying ><.
But other than that, i have no problem with how this lippies perform.
Now i know why it's highly rave in UK xD.
( Hot Pepper )
( Ole Flamingo )
You can get Bourjois product on Department Store
I got mine from Metro for Rp 178.000 per piece
It's quite pricey but i like how it shows on my lips and how great the pigmentation is
I will definitely give this a 5 if only they do something about the smells but for now it still 4 stars only >.<
Hope you enjoy my post and see ya later.
♥ Anita ♥

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