Sunday, September 7, 2014

♥ August Favorites ♥ 

Hey guys
Today is another day to post my monthly favorites
Yeayyyyyy !!!
So sorry if it/s kinda late, but better late than never right ? xD
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
I'm totally in love with this new scrub i'd just found out
It's amazing
If you heard review about it before, trust me it's the truth
It exfoliate the skin gently and just in the right way
The scrub is not too harsh on the skin either unlike many scrub products you could find in the market.
I totally in love with it because it's good, it's affordable and just works briliantly.
You can find it at your local guardian since St. Ives finally made it to Indonesia xD
Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
I already have this particular mascara for months now but i'm drown more to my tarte mascara
But since my tarte mascara already run out, i try this
I like this one too.
The effect it gives might slightly not like the tarte one but so far so good
It's waterproof and it holds the curl longer too. The fact that it is waterproof not make it any harder to remove too.
So far so good. Plus it's cheap xD.
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation
Honestly, if you can see my makeup stash, so far i only use two base makeup for my face which is either Make Up Forever HD Foundation (My HG Foundation so far) and IOPE XP Cushion.
But this one, it totally make me fall in love right at the first time i use it.
It glides on the face smoothly and once it set it feels just like your own skin
Really really nice !!!
I've been using this for the whole August now and i don't find anything wrong yet (it's not break me out which is good).
Will do review on it soon too so just stay tune xD.
SLEEK Face Contour Kit in Shade Light
I'm not the type who contour very much, but this product really come in handy when you want to contour.
First, the color i think is perfect for my skin tone since it's not too orange or too red base
Second, it comes with highlighter so it's perfect for travel
And the last thing is it's cheap but do work super nicely
So if you into contour wagon, probably you should give this one a try xD.
3CE Highlighter in Shade Beige
Well i know you probably wondering why i put another highlighter in my monthly favorites.
Well i really like this one too.
If i'm not in the mood to contour, i reach for this one the most.
I think the color is just nice and i really like how it highlight my cheek bones too
So insert this one is a must i think :D
NYX Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler
Well i never love lip glosses before but this product just change my mind about it.
It is one of the best lipgloss i ever try so far
It's so pigmented, like what you see in the packaging is the color that gonna show up on your lips
It's very cheap too and not leaving any sticky feeling that i don't like from a lipgloss.
Last thing you will love from it is the smell
It smells like vanilla cupcake !!!
Just perfect right ???
If you wanna try to use lipgloss you really need to consider try this one xD.
So that's guy for my August Favorites.
I don't have much favorites this month but i hope you could enjoy my post
Again, feel free to comment if you have anything you wanna ask
See ya
 ♥ Anita ♥

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