Monday, July 14, 2014

Pink Lipstick ♥ My all time favorites xD

Hi guys
Today i wanna post a new kind of things i never post about.
I recently go through my makeup stash and i kinda find out i have quite lots pink lipstick
But you probably know the deal, eventhough i have a lot i always have the most favorite kind of pink lipstick i tend to use a lot too
So i finally narrow it to 4 lipstick 

1. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in No.6 Pink in Devotion

My all time favorite !!!
This pink lipstick suits me the best
Not only because of the color, the pigmentation itself it's absolutely stunning
What i love the most it is very moisturizing lipstick
I always feel comfortable using this one
I even recommend it to my sister and she loves it too
Definitely the lipstick i will repurchase all over again, should said that this is my MLBB (my lips but better) xD,

2. Chanel Rouge Allure in No.4 Imagination

This is my impulse buy lipstick xD
I fall in love immediately, and decided to buy it ASAP
love the color, it's a blue tone kind of pink so it's kinda make my teeth whiter
What i love from this one is the packaging and the staying power
The sleek and elegant packaging totally sold me out and the staying power is amazing, but it's not as comfortable as the YSL one cause the formulation is suppose to be matte finish
But so far i'm loving this so much.

3. 3CE Lipstick in Chu - Chu

I just bought this one but i'm totally in love with this color so much
The color is just so beautiful
It's a hot pink color but definitely wearable
Love the color so much

4. Tom Ford Lipstick in Pink Dusk

The most expensive lipstick i ever bought by myself
I was kinda skeptical about it since the price just in my opinion Over Price !
No kidding
I love buying me some makeup but spending $45 on lipstick ?
I should think more then twice
But in the end, i ended up buy it
Why ?
First, i'm a packaging kinda girls. I love how elegant the packaging of this lipstick
Second, the review on the internet is beyond spectacular. Many people say this lipstick is just worth the money.
Third, it is worth the money !!!!
This lipstick is the most smooth lipstick i ever own
It glides on smooth and nice on the lips, it stay put and the pigmentation is freaking amazing
I never regret buying it cause i wear this a lot.
Love it 

I know the products i mention are high end one
Next time i will do more on the affordable one
Just stay tune xD

♥ Anita 

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