Saturday, July 12, 2014

3CE x Pink Mini Haul

Hello folks
Today i wanna post a little mini haul that just happen
It's another 3CE products ^.^
For me, 3CE always be the most attractive korean products to me
They always come with a nice concept that attract people to try its products

Back two moths ago (if i'm not wrong) they released product with pink packaging which is super attractive to me since i love pink so much
and makeup products in pink? Hell yeah i wanna get all of it
But again because of the price i just try to minimize the damage by only getting products i really wanna get for a long time ago.

I decided to buy the pink edition mini square hand mirror cause i never had any hand mirror in pink.
Then i purchase two of their lipstick which is the old color lipstick but they re-package it into pink packaging which is why i bought it in the first place xD
Then the last thing i bought is a single shadow cause i love 3CE shadow so much.

For the lipstick i decided to get the colors i've been wanting for so long ago
It's Chu-chu (hot pink one) and Scandal (the reddy orange color)
Every time i see this colors i always like it but back then i don't too attract cause of the black packaging which is not interesting for me
But because the repackage it into pink i finally decided to get this two i love so bad !!!

For the single shadow i decided to get a nice pink shadow
i got the shade Bad Romance which is very pretty rosy pink with hint of shimmer in it
( swatches will be in the review, soon !)

Sooo that's it for my mini 3CE haul
I don't buy a lot since it's quite expensive and i still has a lot of other wishlist i really wanna get.
Hope you guys enjoy this post

♥ Anita 

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