Sunday, July 27, 2014

3CE Lipstick x PINK in Chu-Chu and Scandal

Hello guys
As promise in my previous post about my mini 3CE haul, today i will be review the beautiful lipstick from 3CE that i bought.

First let's take a minute to adore the packaging which is a PINK packaging

The packaging is the most reason i wanna buy this lipstick
For the color, well it's actually the original colors they had before (nothing new) but they just repackage it into pink to fit the 3CE PINK theme.

As i mention before, i bought two colors that i've been wanting for such a long time.
First, it's a kinda hot pink color call CHU-CHU
3CE described it as unique and flashy neon pink color
I just adore the ad where Park Sora wear it and just completely sold out at that moment
It's a very bright pink that i really think gonna suit my skin tone well

So pretty right ? xD

The fact that i was totally love how this lipstick show in picture makes me crazy
It's a bright lipstick that i can't wear on daily basis
But if you sheer it out or do gradient lips with it, it will make your lip looking beautiful and fresh

Pretty color, very pigmented, glides on smooth and very comfortable to wear
I just love this one so much that i even include it as one of my favorite all time pink lipstick
It just so pigmented, what you see on the tube is all you get on your lips
And the fact that how this lipstick shows in the ad feel the same as on my lips make me obsessed !!!
Definitely worth to try !!!!

Next i have SCANDAL
For the record, SCANDAL formulation is quiet different with CHU-CHU
Chu-Chu has a very moisturizing formulation while Scandal goes towards matte finish
But i love this one too
I think 3CE really done well on their lip products especially on how the colors will show on lips
Again what you see on the tube is what you definitely get
High pigmentation !!!!
3CE define SCANDAL as a fluorescents bright red with matte finish

Another very pretty color 

This is how it shows on my lip

Very beautiful bright red that compliments who wears it.
I really like how the color shows on my lips
It makes my teeth look whiter too
But i feel a little uncomfortable with the formulation
Since it supposed to be matte finish, it's quite uncomfortable to wear on the lips
It's not as moisturizing as Chu-Chu and definetely will not wearable if you have chap lips
So a little tips, wear lip balm first before you use it and make sure you scrub your lips before to prevent the lipstick to settle in to the dry lips.

What i love :

♥ Beautiful packaging 
♥ True to color, very pigmented formulation 
♥ for CHU-CHU, the formulation is moisturizing and feel nice to wear 
♥ Little bit glossy finish (Chu-Chu)
♥ Creamy and glides on smooth on the lips 

What i don't like :

- For Scandal , its uncomfortable to wear and easily settle to dry lips -

So far i'm lovin this lipstick despite the cons of it 
So if you wanna try, you can buy it directly from Style Nanda website or from TesterKorea

I hope you find my review to be helpful
And i'll see you next time on other review

♥ Anita 

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