Monday, June 9, 2014

ARITAUM Shine Fix Eyes

Hi folks
Today i'm back with a korean brand product review.
This time it's an eye product that make me glad i bought it.
It's the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes
Funny story, i want to get my hand on the L'oreal Infallible Pressed Shadow but it isn't easy to get it
so when i open TesterKorea website i found this and to see that the texture is quite similar with the L'oreal one, I decided to buy it right at that time.
(In my opinion it is the dupe for the L'oreal Infallible and Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill)

This shadow come in 15 different shades that in my opinion is very beautiful and in the shade that usually suitable for Asian.
Here is some picture and description i get from testerkorea.

Aritaum holiday collection shine fix eyes has Mirror
pearl and it makes shiny and twinkle eyes

It is Water Melting Cream type 

3 Proof formula- Water, sweat, oil proof "

Pretty right? xoxo
I really like all the color range because you don't usually find color like this in USA  makeup brand
I decided to get two color from this brand and my pick goes to shade No.5 " Romantic Floor " and No.6 " Love Disco ".

" shade no 5 on the bottom and no 6 above "

I decided to bought those two color because i really want to have some rose gold and hot pink shadow cause i never have color like it before.

The Swatches : No.6 on the right and No.5 on the left.

( + ) Side :
1. Very creamy and blend nicely
2. Love all the color range (my type of favorite color ^.^)
3. Nice price tag ( retail for 8000 won or equal $9,9)
4. The pigmentation of the color i get is super nice, what you see in the package is what you'll get on your eyelid.
5. The staying power is quite amazing for Korean brand

( - ) Side :
1. Aritaum brand is not easy to get in Indonesia unless you bought it from korean website like testerkorea or ibuybeauty.
2. A little bit too glittery and sometimes i feel like it fall out.

Overall, i should give this ♥ over 
Highly recommend too for you who like something bold for your eyes
( the rose gold color is super beautiful on the lid ><)


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