Sunday, June 29, 2014

♥ Coastal Scents REVEALED 2 Palette ♥

Hi folks
Today i'm back with a post about eyeshadow palette
As you can see in my wishlist panel, i've been eyeing this particular palette quite a while now
A lot of youtubers talk about it and kinda say that this palette is the dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which is very famous and popular
But again, i already have so many eyeshadow palette and i don't want to waste my money on Naked 3 because of the price.
So when i hear about this palette i was kinda excited since i don't want to buy Naked 3 because of the price while this Revealed 2 is the so say "dupe" and in much cheaper price so i decided to get it right away.

I purchase mine from an online shop at instagram for only Rp 300.000
Not as expensive as Naked 3 of course
And the best part this palette come in 20 shades with  pink rose gold theme too.

pretty right? xD

I'm so in love with this palette right now !
The color selection are just my favorite one ( i love pink eyeshadow eventhough they hard to pull off)
Not just contain matte shadows, it also contain some shimmery one which is so pretty and not too shimmery
The best i could say, this palette is just so perfect to create both day and night kinda look
You can start with the top row shadow for day look and smoke it out a little with the colors on the bottom row to create a nice smokey night look.

Here some swatches 
Top Row
   Bottom Row

What i like about this palette
 ♥ Very affordable and come in 20 shades
 ♥ Some of the colors just super pigmented 
 ♥ Sleek design
 ♥ Nice colors selection     
 ♥ Long lasting and easily blended 

What i don't like about this palette
  Some of the colors especially the lighter one just not pigmented enough    

I love this palette so much
I really think this a nice dupe of the Naked 3 palette cause they have similar colors range
And the pigmentation is just very very good compare to its price which is very affordable in my opinion
Eventhough some of the lightest colors (like the white and the light pink) is not pigmented enough
I still consider this a very nice palette
Very recommended !!!!

 ♥ Anita 


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