Friday, May 9, 2014

REVIEW | Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm and Lacquer Balm

Hi folks
It's been very long time since my last post
I've been very occupied with work and others stuff so i can't blog
But here i come back with a review for revlon new stuff i just bought
If you live in Indonesia you probably already seen the ad in tv
It's the new colorburst balm that just hit our country !
I've been eyeing this stuff for such a loooonnnnggggg time
It's been release in USA last year but in my country this particular type of balm just release last month
They've already release the stain balm last year but they come with new type this year, the MATTE and the LACQUER one.

The description from Revlon website

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm

High Shine Lacquer. Moisture Rich Balm
A lacquer finish that’s beyond brilliant

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

Velvety Matte Look. Moisture Rich Balm
A matte finish that's beyond plush. Balm that's beyond comforting

PS I just love Emma Stone in this ad. She's so prettyyy 

Well for sure when i go to revlon counter in my town, they don't sell all the color you see in the ads above.
Some of the color i've been wanting is not available in the counter, so disappointing 
But yeah i manage to get some color i like when i swatch in there.

I got one Matte balm and two Lacquer Balm

I got the MATTE balm in Shade Sultry and the LACQUER balm in shade Flirtatious and Vivacious

Here is the swatches of the balm in my hand

And the swatches on my lips
Top row Flirtatious, middle row Sultry, Bottom row Vivacious
My favorite is Vivacious 

I like how they easily slide on my lips
This balm is highly moisturize too just like what it say in the description.
But the lasting powers is not quite long.
I have to reapply them after eating or drinking.
But overall i really like this balm.
On the price range, it's quite affordable i think
They retail for Rp 88.000 in the counter while if you want to buy them online it cost like twice the price from the counter, so i say it's quite a bargain ^.^

What i like about this product :

1. It's very moisturizing
2. Easily apply on the lips and very convenient to take on the go
3. Very affordable in my opinion
4. The color payoff is very nice (super pigmented)

What i dislike about this product :

1. The color range in my town is very limited (each type only have 4 new color not unlike the official revlon website say)
2. The lasting powers not quite impressive
3. The scents is quite annoying (it has very balmy scent that i don't like)

That's my honest review for this product
Overall i could give this 3 stars over 5
I quite like this balm thing and i often reach out for it whenever i'm in hurry cause again it just so easy to apply this lipstick because of its pencil kinda type.



  1. Hi dear, ^^
    we have a same opinion about this product, i also love vivacious the most.. hihiih
    i enjoyed reading your blog btw..~

  2. Hi, thank you for reading my blog :)
    Yeah vivacious is super nice, i wanna get another colors again but in my town it always sold out. If you have another prefer colors let me know :D