Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review : Morphe Single Eyeshadow

Hi guys
It's been a while since my last post ><
Today i have new thing i wanna review since it's kinda new and i just received it on the mail
It's a single shadow :D
Have you ever heard about MORPHE ???
Well i just knew this brand last month too
It is actually a brand that produce brushes and many other makeup products in very affordable price, i mean like very very CHEAP !!!
I heard about it from Jaclyn Hill Youtube channel and decide to give it a try.
It is an american brand so you have to purchase it online
But what truly amaze me is how cheap this shadows are.
It only cost $ 2 for each single pan that size is similar with MAC single shadow ($16) and Makeup Geek one ($5,99)
Very cheap ??? YES !!!!
Super duper cheap compare to those other two brands that already hit the market
I've purchased 5 from 80 colors they have
So many option too, from matte, shimmer, pearl, and many others.
The quality ???
For only $2 i think this shadows is so worth every penny.
It is very buttery smooth and so pigmented
I purchase one of the pearl type and i really impressed since it is not easily fall off and give such a nice intensity of color.
The shimmer one is very nice too since it's not too shimerry but still give those nice looking color on the lid.
So far i really impressed with the quality and the price
I mean it is $2 shadows but it feels expensive and the quality is so comparable to Mac which in my opinion is totally a steal !
One bad thing about this shadow is they actually name it based on number and color name.
Unlike makeupgeek shadows and Mac one, they didn't give it a kind of name that could be more interesting ><
I purchase five which is the ES 62 Muted Taupe Brown (Matte), ES 33 Soft Baby Pink (Pearl), ES 74 Copper (Shimmer), ES 11 Orange Copper ( Veluxe Pearl) and ES 64 Peachy Brown w/ Shimmer (Velvet).
If you are interested to try this morphe shadows, i know a coupon code that can save you 10%
Just use "JACATTACK" and you can get 10% off your entired purchase.
And they do ship to Indonesia that cost about $ 7 only.
So do check them out cause again i feel that this is so far a great steal than purchasing Mac shadow :D.
And also they do sell brushes with nice quality and great price range :)


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