Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette

I always so excited when cosmetics company do their holiday collection
It's not just because it somehow limited edition but the price point is super amazing
I kinda eye-ing tarte amazonian clay blush for a while now but don't that excited to buy it
But when they do this blush palette, i was pretty much excited and decided to get it right away.

It's part of tarte christmas collection on 2014
I really intrigue about it mainly because of the price point.
One blush pan of tarte amazonian clay blush cost $29 a pan, while this package only cost $42
Quiet a great reason to try the famous blush formula from tarte of course.

I really like how they designed the palette
It comes with beautiful purple theme box which i know is part of tarte signature color and they made this palette look like a clutch.
Another bonus point of this palette is they give you 2 complimentary vintage pin that actually you can used on your hair, but i don't cause i think it looks jus as pretty if it pin up to the palette

It comes with 5 different blush shade that not parts of tarte regular blush color
It claimed to be limited edition to this palette only so it's kinda a bummer if you somehow like one of the color you can't simply get it outside this set.

( from left to right : breathless, embraced, whimsy, bashful and irreplaceable)

The color variety that this palette got totally suit my preferences.
Breathless is describe as pinky beige color, embraced is describe as plummy rose, whimsy is described as light pink, bashful is describe as rosy peach and irreplaceable is describe as mauve rose.
Breathless, whimsy and irreplaceable are matte finish while the other two have slightly shimmer but not to much.
All four shade have great pigmentation except Breathless.
I find that breathless is a little too light and not quite show off on the skin ><
But the others are perfectly fine
My most favorite is Bashful cause it give such a nice peachy color on the cheek and because of the shimmer it looks even more beautiful.
This blush stay on the cheek pretty long, as claim on tarte that their blush
 stay on for 12 hours which is such a great thing in my opinion.
Another great thing is this blush is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten and dermatologist tested.

For me this palette is definitely worth to try
And i think this is one of the best holiday collection that you probably will love cause it has 5 different color so it will be perfect addition if you're makeup artist or probably enjoy travel cause you can save space just by bringing this palette :)

♥ Anita ♥