Friday, October 17, 2014

How I Clean My Brushes

Hello xD
Today i'm back posting my usual method of how i clean all my brushes.
Well it is very important to clean your brushes on daily basis since we often use them at our face and sometimes it could be picking up bacteria that we can't see with bare eyes.
So yes i agree that cleaning brushes it is one of the most important part to keep bacteria mash up and ended up having breakouts on our face.
So the stuffs you need to clean your brushes are
1. Your dirty brushes of course
2. Baby shampoo
3. It is optional, but i like cleaning my brushes using gloves cause it makes it easier to clean the brushes and it doesn't take longer to do it.
4. Another optional thing, is my Sigma Dry and Shape cause it helps dry the brushes faster and keep maintain the shape of the brush the way it is.

Start with prepare your shampoo into a bowl or little plate like i do and mix it a little bit water
Then start wet the brush you want to clean and dip the brush in the solution of baby shampoo and water.

Using the gloves from sigma i start to swirl the brush in the WASH part of the gloves using circular motions.
Keep swirl it until there's lot of foam form and the start refine the brush in the REFINEpart.
The REFINE part help to deep clean the brush so the brush will be more cleaner and help it to refine bristle of the brush.
After that run the water to the brush until the foam is slightly gone and the rinse it on the RINSE part to remove makeup residue and soap.
After that i usually go back to REFINE again and then RINSE again.
Then the last step is to shape the brush back again in the SHAPE part.
So easy and very quick way to clean brushes
This is the closer look of the gloves
It has two part, the FACE part which is for bigger brushes like powder brush, foundation brush and etc.
While the other part is for the EYES part which is designed more suitable for washing smaller brushes like the lid brush, crease brush, blending brush and etc. 
Below is before and after picture
From very dirty blush brush into clean and ready to use blush brush xD.
Now it is time to dry them
Usually i only use towel to dry them but i just purchase this Sigma Dry and Shape from Luxola and guess what, it helps the dry process even faster and easy
It is designed to dry the brushes more quickly then just using towel cause it hold the brush upside down so the water after cleaning them can run down even faster.
Another advantage of using it, it helps shape the brushes so the brush will maintain it original form
Very cool stuff in my opinion.
It is pricey i know, around 400k but luxola often has discount code and i think it is a good investment cause you can use it like all the time or so i could say for eternity :p (totally hyperbole xD.)
So that's all of how i clean all my makeup brushes
This is so far the easiest method that work out for my brushes so well and until now my brushes still maintain it good shapes and well use eventhough i've been using them for 1,5 years now.
Hope you enjoy my post xD

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